• Gail Feix

Decorate Virtual 💕🎂Valentine Treats

This FUN activity allows students to decorate a variety of 💕🎂treats while practicing tech skills such as copying and pasting, resizing, repositioning, and duplicating!

Seasonal activities are a fun way to practice valuable technology skills! Students of all ages will enjoy decorating a variety of valentine treats, using the included clipart. In this activity, students will practice using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and CRTL+D, as well as repositioning and resizing of images. Older students could also use the image search in Slides to add additional items of their choice.

Decorating Valentine Treats is a perfect activity for both in-person and virtual students. I hope that this sweet activity adds some seasonal fun to your plans!

Make your own copy of 💕🎂Decorate Valentine Treats here: http://bit.ly/ShareCopyDecorateValentineTreats_TeachersUsingTech