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Virtual Rooms 📚 with a View

Use the shelves to link to daily or weekly plans, read-aloud stories, websites, docs, or other slides. These rooms are simple to keep organized and easy for students to use! Make a copy to use and add your own Bitmoji.

I like to keep my main rooms easy for students to navigate and find what they need. In creating these rooms, I have left spaces on the shelves that can easily be labeled using the 15 optional bins that are included with this template. That makes it easy to organize by the day or for an entire week!

At this time, I have included 4 different views out the window, with plans to add and share new views with the seasons. Using this format, students will know where to find their work and materials, while enjoying different scenes throughout the year.

I am currently using this room to add read-aloud stories. To do this, I added book cover images to the shelves and linked them to stories from I can easily make copies of the slides and add new stories. If using this room for weekly plans, just duplicate the slide, use the bins that I have included with this room template, and add links to your assignments and websites.

I hope that you have a great school year and that these rooms help you to organize fun stories, websites, or lessons and activities for your students! If you make a copy to use, please consider clicking the ❤ or leaving a comment below! Please follow Teachers Using Tech on IG and join us on FB. Click here to make a copy of these 📚Reading Rooms with a View

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Gabriela Beatriz Bueno Anitúa
Gabriela Beatriz Bueno Anitúa
05 sept 2020

Thanks for being so generous not only creative!

Me gusta
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