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Welcome! I'm Gail Feix, the tech teacher behind Teachers Using Tech! I started blogging to share creative ways to help teachers incorporate technology in their classrooms. If you are looking for helpful tech tips and FUN, engaging, educational ideas, you have come to the right place!



I am an elementary tech teacher with 25+ years of teaching experience. I am certified in elementary education grades 1-8 and earned my Masters degree in Technology in Education. My teaching career  began as a first, second, and third grade teacher, before moving into my current role of technology teacher for students in grades 1-5. When launching this technology program with fifth graders over a decade ago, I developed an engaging technology curriculum that integrates grade level concepts from core subject areas into FUN ed tech projects! The following year, the program was expanded to include fourth grade, and the next year it grew to include a team of three tech teachers and students in grades 1-5. I enjoy teaching my students and collaborating with educators in my local district and around the world!


I am a wife and a mom of two boys - one in middle school and one in college. We live in the Ohio and have an adorable miniature dachshund. I enjoy scrapbooking, baking, taking walks, traveling, and all things Disney! Tech has always been my passion and there are so many ways to meaningfully incorporate technology to make learning FUN and engaging. I love finding new ideas to make learning exciting for my students and to help teachers enjoy incorporating technology into their classrooms.

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