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    Bitmoji Basics General Store

    Lots of tips and resources for creating Bitmoji virtual classrooms!

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    Celebrate Birthdays

    Here's a FUN alternative using tech to 🎁celebrate student birthdays! This birthday slide incorporates a 🎼🎶 happy birthday song/video🎵message for the student.

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    Interactive Online Scavenger Hunts🔎

    Use these interactive scavenger hunts in Virtual Classroom Meetings as a class activity starter OR as a follow-up to the class activity, share an individual slide on the theme used with the students so that they can click on the interactive slide and find all items, as well as explore the linked items on the slide.

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    Interactive Virtual File Cabinets Template by SlidesMania

    Use this Interactive File Cabinet template by SlidesMania to organize your lessons & share them with students in your virtual Bitmoji classroom or in Google Classroom!

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    Math Game Room

    Math Games - Choose a Level in the games linked to items in this virtual Bitmoji Classroom

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    Math Manipulative Resource Room

    Visit the Bitmoji virtual Math Resource Room to use online math manipulatives!

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    Online Coloring Bitmoji Virtual Room

    Here's a fun 🎨 online coloring/art room!

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    Sub Plans Slides/Template

    Use this Sub Plans template to prepare for a Guest Teacher

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    Virtual Arcade

    Visit the Bitmoji Virtual Arcade with links to some fun games! Good for recess or center ideas!

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    Virtual Calming Room

    The Virtual Calming Room is designed for when students (or teachers) need a break and an opportunity to relax in a sensory-friendly space.

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    Virtual Calming Room (Patriotic edition)

    The Patriotic Virtual calming room is designed to help students and teachers relax in a sensory-friendly space. This is the second in a series of virtual calming rooms.

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    Virtual Class Pass using Google Forms

    Make a Copy of this Google Form to Edit for your own class to use as a Virtual Sign-In/Sign-Out

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