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Create a ⛄Snowman Glyph⛄

Practice using a variety of Tech Skills including shape tools, line tools, resizing, rotating, changing colors, and more in this ⛄snowman glyph project, which also includes a creative 📝writing activity!

Glyphs are a great way to practice a wide variety of skills! In this project, students will explore and use a variety of tools in Google Slides. To build their snowman, they will also need to follow multi-step instructions. Some drag-and drop items are included on the side of the slide, but for the most part, students will use shape and line tools to create their snowman based on the glyph code. Items may need to be resized, rotated, duplicated, and adjusted as they build - important skills for tech savvy students to practice and develop. The Undo button on the Tool bar also may come in handy!

This would be a perfect project to include in your snow themed lessons. It would also be fun to have students try to guess/identify/get to know their classmates based on the clues that the glyph info provides. After creating their snowman glyph, students will have the opportunity to practice their creative writing skills using the included writing prompt. For extra fun, I have included falling ❄snow on both the snowman glyph slide and creative writing slide!

If you enjoy my activities, please share my site with colleagues who might enjoy it as well and join us on Facebook and IG. I hope that my projects add some fun to your lessons in this particularly challenging year.

***Make a copy of ⛄Create a Snowman Glyph⛄ to use and enjoy:


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