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Back to School All-About-Me Project

As students return to school, have them create their own posters which will help their new teachers and classmates get to know them while building their technology skills! Learn more and make a FREE copy of this template below.

Looking for a fun way way to get to know your students? Trying to find ways for students

to get to know their classmates in a virtual learning environment? Have them create posters about themselves! This can easily be assigned in Google Classroom or other Learning Management systems. After students complete their posters, they can be given the option to share with the class by printing out and displaying at school or sharing in online class meetings if they are comfortable sharing their work.

This FREE editable template includes instructions for students including: pictures of tools from the toolbar to promote independence while using technology tools for creation, options for students to differentiate learning, as well as an extension choice with a blank slide template for students to design a poster with their own topics.

I will be using this project with students in my technology class. I hope that you find this to be a useful project for the upcoming school year, too. Please share comments below letting us know your experiences when using with your own class! Please Join our FB group and Like our FB page for more sharing and helpful ideas. Other social media links are below if you would like to follow or subscribe for our newsletter.


Carolyn Wiley
Carolyn Wiley
Aug 19, 2020

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!! It has made virtual classroom very inviting!


Juanita Reyes
Juanita Reyes
Jul 27, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing these templates! It certainly will make our virtual classrooms more lively for our students! Great job!


Jul 24, 2020

Very creative!

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