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Calming Virtual Room

Add this FREE interactive, relaxing retreat to your virtual classrooms for students to enjoy, or cast on your device when you need a break!

I recently decided to create a virtual calming room for when students (or teachers) just need a break. The idea came from my own need for a way to relax during the recent full-time virtual learning and my desire to be able to offer a calm space for my students as well. I shared it on social media in some of the online groups that I belong to and was overwhelmed by the response! Several thousand views, Likes and downloads as well as hundreds of comments from teachers around the globe, I guess we all needed this!😊


This sensory-friendly room has a working fireplace as well as soothing nature videos in the windows, an ocean picture, and a fish tank. The videos are embedded so that they auto-play when an item is clicked in the interactive calming room, there is also a home button to bring you back to the main scene! I would enjoy spending time here & hope that my students enjoy it too!

If you would like this to be a place that your students can visit and you have a virtual classroom, just insert the link to an object or sign in your own virtual room telling them to 'click here' to visit the calming room & it will take them there. You can make a copy of this doc to share with your students so that they can visit the calming room - click here to make a copy . Another option is to assign the link as 'Material' in Google Classroom or in your Learning Management System and it will always be available. I would love to hear from you if you and your students enjoy this virtual calming space!


I would love to hear what you and your students think about the Calming Room, including the grade level(s) of those using it. If you don't want to miss out on the newest themes of the Virtual Calming Rooms that I am currently creating, subscribe to my page to receive notices when they are released and ready for you to enjoy!

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