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🌎🚍Earth Day Virtual Field Trips

Learn all about Earth Day in this set of informative virtual field trips!🚍🌎

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd and is the ideal time to share these informative virtual trips with your students! Did you know that the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970? It is now an international event celebrated in 193 countries. Learn even more about Earth Day with these brief and engaging virtual trips!

This Google slide deck includes 6 different virtual trips and uses embedded videos. This

slide deck also includes a linked image in the bottom corner to return to the menu slide. It is best used in Present mode with the teacher sharing their screen. Another option is to go to File > Publish to Web and use that link. As always, teachers should preview the trips before using to determine what best fits the needs of their class. I hope that these virtual trips are enjoyed by you and your students. Check out even more virtual field trip slide decks here and make copies to use and enjoy! This is a growing list, so check back often for newly added adventures!

I have shared a variety of other spring seasonal fun resources here on the blog. Be sure to check them out and make copies.😊If you enjoy my resources and want even more, you can become a ☕Member to receive fun 'extras' every month! These surprises will be emailed to you and include large bundles, special projects, seasonal items, and more! It is a great chance to treat yourself to extra fun and support my work. ☕Member 'extras' for the 💗Spring season include 2 exclusive Spring Virtual Arcades and 3 exclusive Easter Virtual Arcades filled with links to games ideal for K-6 students, as well as a Create Your Own Virtual Potato Head bundle (Google slides), with even more fun to come each month!

I hope that you and your students 🌎ENJOY🌎 these Earth Day 🚍virtual field trips!

Make your own copy of 🌎🚍Earth Day Virtual Field Trips here:

*NOTE: If the link says you need to request access, it is your school network blocking the share. All items are set correctly to force a copy when clicked on. Many districts block things (including file shares) that are coming from outside of their domain. Please try making the copy from a personal email or Gmail account. Then, you can share the file with your school account. If you request access, I won't be able to grant it or respond to your email request, since the issue is blocked on your end.


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