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Bitmoji Bulletin Boards

Organize assignments, display student work, & more using these 60+ slides filled with ready-to-use bulletin boards, sticky notes, borders, and clip art!

I have enjoyed creating virtual classrooms as I prepare for the upcoming school year. My plan is to have one main classroom with a consistent structure to assist students in locating assignments and additional resources in an organized and engaging manner.

Within my room, I have several strategies for organizing content without cluttering the space. One way to do this, is linking items in the room to other slides. This allows for separate slides for different purposes, and gives more space to work with. For assignments, I am planning to use this Interactive File Cabinet, which actually links to another Google Slide deck. For announcements, reminders, special events, and thematic displays, I plan to incorporate these bulletin boards. It is a fun way to display information, and an important way to connect a virtual room to the structure and routines of the traditional classroom.

I have included more than 60+ slides of virtual bulletin boards for you to enjoy,

including ready-to-use decorated bulletin boards, chalk boards, white boards, borders, sticky notes, push pins, and clip art to decorate! I have also included links to some other resources that I have created and think might be beneficial to you and your students as you begin the new school year, whether that is remote, hybrid, or in-person.

If you enjoy this FREE teacher resource, you can let me know by clicking the ❤ or leaving a comment below. I work hard to help other educators have FUN using technology and appreciate your comments and feedback! Join the Teachers Using Tech FB Group for even more sharing by our members. Click here to make a copy of my Bitmoji Bulletin Boards.

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