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Create a Custom Poster

Create a FREE custom COVID-19 infographic to use in your classroom. Add your own Bitmoji for a fun, personal touch or print my ready-to-use version!

Who loves free teacher resources? Well, I have created a ready-to-use poster reminding students of best practices of protective measures relating to COVID-19. Click here to make a copy of this infographic featuring my Bitmoji as well as a blank template of the poster I created in case you would like to use your own Bitmoji instead!

If you would like to customize this infographic with your own choice of colors, fonts, and background patterns, you can create it using a template in Piktochart. Piktochart allows you to create beautiful infographics, flyers, and posters easily with absolutely no design experience. It is free to setup an account and easy to use.

This template can be found under the Posters section. There are so many creative templates available and they are fully customizable. Do you have a color theme in your classroom? Change the Piktochart template background to fit your design. Create your own classroom posters for helpers/classroom jobs, rules & expectations, parts of speech, vocabulary for your current unit, and so much more. Feeling more adventurous? Create an infographic to go with your current unit of study!

Once you create your poster, download the PNG (choose medium quality for better resolution, which is included in the free version). Open Google Slides, change the slide size under Page Setup (in the File menu) to custom, 8.5x11 and insert the image from your computer. A little resizing will be needed to make it fill the page. Now, you are ready to add your Bitmoji! No time to create your own poster? Print out my free ready-to-use version. Print on 8.5x11 paper and it's ready to go!

Did you like this Bitmoji Tech Tip? Check out my post to learn how to create your own Bitmoji stickers! Want to get more engaging ideas to make tech fun? Subscribe to my blog, follow my social media, and leave me a like or a comment below.



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