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Free Teacher Resources! 💡

There is a new section of Teachers Using Tech's site, Free Resources, accessed by the tab at the top of the page! Check it frequently for updates, as well as looking at additional resources and blog posts located on the Home tab.

The Free Resources 💡 section was recently added to the website, as a place to add resources for educators to make a copy and use. Many of the items in this section are only found here, while some also may have been featured in a blog post. Please check both the Home tab and the Free Resources tab to see all of the newest articles and resources!

The Teachers Using Tech website was created to help and support teachers as we integrate technology in creative and meaningful ways to enhance learning. I hope that you find the projects, ideas, and resources being shared to be helpful! If you enjoy these resources and wish to help support this endeavor, please consider buying me coffee from time to time to help fuel my efforts ☕ and assist with the costs involved. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!

The Teachers Using Tech community on Facebook is a great way to connect with other educators from around the world. We share with and learn from each other, we hope that you will join us! After you Like Teachers Using Tech's page, click the Sign Up button and answer the questions to join the group! It's a great place to ask questions, share free resources, and support each other - we look forward to seeing you there!


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