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Gratitude and Kindness Jars💕

Here is a virtual option to acknowledge gratitude, kindness, or compliments as a class or individually!

Even in the most challenging of times, there are many things to be grateful for in life. Sometimes it is easier to see, while other times it takes being intentional to notice. This is true for teachers and students. As educators, we have the opportunity to help our students take notice of things to be grateful for and encourage ways to show kindness to each other.

Here is a set of virtual gratitude/kindness jars with editable text - use them for class compliments, acknowledging things the students are grateful for, or listing acts of kindness that they see classmates or staff exhibit. I have included four different jars, with ready-to-use slips to type on (text slips are in the margins of each slide). Also included are suggestions for possible uses. These jars could be used as a whole class activity or share a copy with students so that each can keep their own jars of gratitude.

I hope that you and your students find joy in using these virtual gratitude/kindness jars! On tougher days, I hope that it is helpful to have many things to look back on and draw strength. Have a great week and enjoy!


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