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Groundhog Day 🚍Virtual Field Trips, 🎮Games, & More!🎴

Have fun making predictions, learning about the traditions, and playing online games for Groundhog Day!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Groundhog Day with your students? Here is a free Groundhog Day bundle which includes: several short virtual field trips, a drag-and-drop prediction slide, and a slide with links to online Groundhog themed games!

I plan to do the predictions on February 1st of whether the groundhog will see its' shadow or not, just in case students have already heard the verdict before class. In class on February 2nd, we will search for the result. The game slide can be saved separately and shared directly with students, so they can easily access the link to the games. My suggestion is making an extra copy of only the game slide and sharing this one slide by going to File > Publish to the Web > and then sharing the published link with students.

Students are sure to enjoy the short virtual field trips to learn all about the traditions behind Groundhog Day! You can even practice distinguishing fact and opinion with the drag-and-drop sorting slide. It includes eight sentences to sort, and room to write your own. The Fact & Opinion slide could be completed as a class discussion activity or assigned to students to complete on their own. I hope that this bundle helps start your February off with a bit of extra fun!

Make a your own copy of 🎴Happy Groundhog Day! here to use and enjoy!


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