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🌟Happy New Year! Flipbook

Students will enjoy using this fun flipbook to set goals for the New Year!

Looking forward to saying good bye to 2020 and hello to 2021? Here is a quick and easy activity to use in January to help students focus on setting goals for the new year! After writing four goals, students then go back to page 1 and click the Present button to view their completed flipbook. This fun flipbook has animated gifs which add whimsy to the pages, and a confetti surprise at the end!

The Teachers Using Tech website launched in July, and I appreciate all of you and your support and encouragement! I hope that you enjoy the resources that I share here, be sure to check out the Home tab and Free Resources tab for more ideas, and join the Teachers Using Tech Facebook Group. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be taking some time to recharge and hope that you do the same. After the first of the year and throughout the year, I will be adding many new things, including seasonal activities and virtual timers, engaging meeting starters, interactive slides and projects, new seasonal Google Classroom Banners, and more! I hope that it helps add some fun to your year!

Make a copy of the 🌟Happy New Year Flipbook🌟 to use and enjoy here:


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