• Gail Feix

Having Fun with Lego!🧱

Lego is appealing to all ages! Here is a slide deck that includes 🧱Lego 🎮games, 🎥videos, & 🚍 virtual trips, including how they are made!

While there is nothing quite like the experience of building and creating with the actual Lego bricks, students will certainly enjoy these Lego online games, videos, and virtual trips! This slide deck combines links to all of them in one place for students to enjoy.

These files are best shared by making your own copy, then go to File > Publish to the Web and then sharing that published link with students. I hope that these new Lego-themed online games, animated videos, and virtual field trips help add some fun and excitement to your classroom! Be sure to check out my other themed choice boards and virtual field trips that I have shared on the Teachers Using Tech website.

Make your own copy of 🧱🚍🎮🎥How It's Made Lego Virtual Field Trips & Games: