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How 🥨Pretzels & 🍘Sandwich Crackers Are Made Virtual Field Trips🚍

Students of all ages will enjoy learning how pretzels & sandwich crackers are made! 🥨🍘🚍

National Pretzel Day is celebrated on April 26th and National Cracker Day on April 28th. In this set of virtual trips, learn how these tasty snacks are made!

These brief yet informative 🚍How It's Made Virtual Trips have been quite popular with my K-5 students and I incorporate them throughout the year. In this new set, students will learn about how two popular snacks are made. Previous topics that I have shared include learning about how candy hearts, jelly beans, peeps, gummy candies, ice cream, crayons, coins, bubble gum, doughnuts, popcorn, pencils, and erasers are made, and I have added more! You can make a copy of all the first set here, the second set of How It's Made!🚍Virtual Field Trips (Set 2) with virtual room here, and the third set here. 😊Also, check out the growing Virtual Field Trips topic here which includes these plus many more themes and topics of virtual trips!

This new virtual trip can easily be incorporated into and linked to the Bitmoji virtual classrooms that I shared in the first two sets. Just add an image of a pretzel and sandwich cracker in the main room and link it to these slides (copy and paste them into the virtual classroom slide deck). This is a fun way to share these trips using a Bitmoji classroom. Once you make a copy, you can switch out my Bitmoji for your own. I hope that your students enjoy these sweet virtual trips!

Make your own copy to enjoy here:

*NOTE: If the link says you need to request access, it is your school network blocking the share. All items are set correctly to force a copy when clicked on. Many districts block things (including file shares) that are coming from outside of their domain. Please try making the copy from a personal email or Gmail account. Then, you can share the file with your school account. If you request access, I won't be able to grant it or respond to your email request, since the issue is blocked on your end.


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