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Interactive Digital Flip-book Template

Customize this clever, interactive flip-book template with editable text. Add images, hyperlinks, text, and more to create engaging digital flip-books for a variety of uses!

Teachers have used paper flip-books for all sorts of topics and themes in their classrooms. Students enjoy using them, and it is an engaging way to organize content. This FREE template offers a digital option.

Many teachers are looking to go paperless this year and convert traditional paper projects into digital versions. This clever template by @rainbowsinthemiddle is an easy way to create your own virtual flip-books!

Created in Google Slides, it is simple to customize and add your own content. Best of all, it is FREE for you to make a copy, edit and use with your students to suit your needs!

The cover page is designed to introduce the topic of the flip-book. The sample here is being used as a Meet-the-Teacher reference tool to be used throughout the year. The bottom portion of this page even provides space for you to add a picture of your virtual Bitmoji classroom! If you want, you can link this image directly to that virtual classroom.

In this FREE downloadable template, I have included a wide variety of useful tips, tools, and and links that will be helpful for teachers. Make two copies, one to keep as a teacher tech tool for future reference, and another copy to edit, erase, and customize to use with students!

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Jul 20, 2020

Thanks! It looks awesome!


Judy Cunius
Judy Cunius
Jul 19, 2020

Thank you so much!!!

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