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Keyboarding Basics 💻 Choice Board

Help students develop basic 💻 keyboarding skills using fun online activities!

Many children use technology from an early age, however, it often involves touch screens and scrolling and less frequently involves using a traditional keyboard. In my classroom experience over the past two decades, students are coming in each year with less experience and exposure to using a keyboard, as that oftentimes is not used with the type of devices they use at home.

Keyboarding skills must be taught and develop over time, much like learning to print before learning cursive. Young students are learning their letters and lack the hand size to have the finger reach needed for traditional typing. The hand size needed for proper finger reach usually occurs in upper elementary or middle school. Remember when typing wasn't even taught until high school? Keep this in mind as students begin with a hunt and peck style, and encourage them to use two hands, keeping hands to the letters on their own side of the keyboard.

These fun online activities work on developing basic keyboarding skills such as locating letters on the keyboard, placing the keys in the correct location on the keyboard, and practicing using Shift, Spacebar, and Period. In this Choice Board, I have included a variety of sites that help young learners practice the basics of keyboarding.

The Choice Board offers options for being assigned to students where they can show their work on the second slide using the Print Screen button. This option would be assigned through an LMS such as Google Classroom. Another option is to share as a Published link by making a copy of the final slide, then using the File > Publish to Web option for that slide and sharing only that link with students.

I hope that you and your students enjoy this 💻Keyboarding Basics Choice Board!

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If you make a copy to use, please consider clicking the ❤ or leaving a comment below!

💻To make a copy of this Keyboarding Basics Choice Board, click here


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