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Online Etiquette Reminders for Student Meetings

Use this FREE online etiquette template to help your student meetings run smoothly! Share it with students in advance and display it on your screen as a reminder while waiting for the meeting to begin.

Online meetings used to be for the office, now they are for the classroom. With the sudden move to distance learning this year, the education world was turned upside down over a weekend. Google Meets or Zoom meetings became a daily norm for many students and teachers around the world.

Most students (and many teachers) had never been in an online meeting before March. Remote learning and virtual meetings will continue in the next school year for many teachers and students. Now that we are finding this to be part of our teaching and staff meetings, it is important to set clear expectations for all participants. I have included a sample of mine here, which of course includes my Bitmoji! Feel free to use this one or to customize the blank one for your own use. If you want to customize in Google Slides, you will need to save this picture and add it as your background. The slide size will need to be customized to 8.5 x 9.5 inches before uploading the picture. Go to File>Page Setup>Custom to change the slide size. You will need to save the png file and then add it as a Background to a Google Slide. Go to Background>Choose Image to add the picture.

To use, send this to students prior to your meeting either by email or assign it as 'Material' in Google Classroom. Then, have it displayed on your screen as a reminder while waiting for the meeting to begin. Just like teachers establish routines and set expectations in the classroom, we have to clearly communicate and teach these new expectations to our students for distance learning. I hope that you find this helpful!

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