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Organize and Easily Share Files in this Cozy 🍂Autumn Room!

Here is an easy way to share many different slide decks with students - use this room to organize and share with your students, too! Check out the soothing, moving stream in the window.🍁

As educators, we are always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder, as we make things engaging and user-friendly for our students. One way to do this is to organize slide decks in an easy to access format. In this fun room, I have provided screenshots of many of my most popular shares, you can make copies of all of them to use on my blog in the Home tab and Free resources tab! You can also use screenshots of other resources that you would like to include. Items can easily be switched out on the shelves to suit your needs.

I find that this room works best by publishing to the web. Once you have added and linked the resources that you want to use to the room, simply go to File > Publish to Web and then share that link with students. You can update and change the room at any time, and the link that you shared will automatically update, no need to share again! This is a convenient way to change out activities and give students access.

In this room, I have added screenshots of slide decks to the shelves, with additional choices in the margins. However, it is important to note that you will need to make your own copies of these files and then link the images in the room (may want to use File > Publish to Web for these files as well). This is so you are the owner of each of these files. I have shared all of them here on my blog. Some of the items that I have shared include, choice boards, virtual arcade, online coloring room, math manipulatives room, math game room, virtual field trips, Would you Rather? slides, virtual timers, birthday room, and more! Check them out and make your own copies on the Home tab and Free Resources tab.

I hope that you and your students enjoy using this Autumn Room for organizing and accessing lots of fun fall activities! If you make a copy to use, please consider clicking the ❤ or leaving a comment below! 🍂To make a copy of this Autumn Room, click here.

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