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📷Quick Tip - Adding ClipArt Images

This 'Quick Tech Tip' will be helpful in teaching students how to add ClipArt images and pictures to their Google Slides projects, including a cute step-by step page to display!

As an elementary tech teacher, I work with hundreds of students each week. We have fun creating projects, which often includes adding ClipArt. Here is a step-by-step tech tip page that can be shared with students to help them remember how to add images.

If you would like to use this quick tip with your students, you can display it to your class on your screen by clicking here and bookmark this page for future reference. Another option is to copy and assign the link as 'Material' in Google Classroom or through your Learning Management System and students will have it available whenever they need it. Just click on Adding Clip Art Images and Pictures and copy and paste the link.

Did you like this Quick Tech Tip? Here's another one you might like on Adding New Slides and Changing Layouts. I will post new Quick Tips frequently😊. Want to get more engaging ideas to make tech fun? Subscribe to my blog, follow my social media, share this post, and leave me a like or a comment below. I love to hear from my readers!


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