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Use these Google Classroom Banners or Create Your Own with this Free Template

Did you know that you can create your own custom banners for your Google Classroom? Enjoy these 24 ready-to-use banners or make your own using the included template!

This is a fun and easy way to personalize your Google Classroom - use a custom banner! The banners in this free, editable template were designed to intentionally have the text on the right hand side, so as not to be covered up by the Google Classroom title and information which is automatically on the left. I have included a variety of color themes, and you will be able to change them if you wish, as well as being able to edit the font, font color, and text for your own class name. Change out the Bitmoji for your own.

A common question is how do you remove the dark overlay that appears once you save the picture, and the answer is that you cannot. For this reason, I choose to use bold shapes and vivid colors that display well, even with the darkening that occurs. I see several different grade levels, so I plan to use a different colored banner for each grade. I may change the banners throughout the year, as my students enjoyed that last year!

Please let me know if you enjoy this FREE teacher resource by clicking the or leaving a comment below! I work hard to help other educators have FUN using technology and love to know if it is enjoyed. Join the Teachers Using Tech FB Group for even more sharing by our members of free resources! Info is below to follow Teachers Using Tech on Social Media and you can see other helpful blog posts here. Also, you might enjoy the new Free Teacher Resources section on our website. Click here to make a free copy of the Google Classroom Banners to use: Google Classroom Banner Templates.

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