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Use this Multi-Room Virtual Classroom to Organize Lessons, Announcements, and more!

Make a copy of this ready-to-use Virtual Classroom which includes slides for an entrance to welcome students to class, main classroom, full-sized whiteboard and bulletin boards, and a playground for brain breaks!

As the school year approaches, many educators are looking for creative ways to engage their students. Virtual interactive classrooms offer an efficient way to organize content, web links, assignments, and videos all in one place. Knowing that there are many educators who would like to incorporate a virtual classroom, but are not sure where or how to begin, I am providing this ready-to-use room for you to make a copy. If you would prefer to create your own, I have also created the Bitmoji General Store to help you get started, which includes 60+ slides of tips, backgrounds, furniture, and decor so that you can make a copy to use.

Students of all ages enjoy these visually appealing, interactive slides. By organizing and using the rooms in a routine manner, students are easily able to find all of the resources they need. Teachers are able to provide instructions and reminders, as well as quickly navigate to lessons and materials, as everything is linked in one place. I have created this multi-room classroom so that teachers can make a copy and use with their own Bitmoji. An important feature is that virtual rooms can be utilized for in-person learning or remote instruction.

Students will first see the entrance to the class. Teachers can customize the virtual bulletin board with their choice of clip art and add their own greeting on the poster by their Bitmoji. I have included an interactive home button on the slides so that students can enter the main classroom and easily return back by clicking the home icon after visiting another one of the linked rooms. Other slides in this interactive virtual classroom include a playground that could be used for brain breaks, a full-size bulletin board, and a whiteboard.

When you make a copy of this virtual classroom to use, you will find teacher tips for use in the margins of the slides. If you want to keep a copy of the tips for future reference, simply make an extra copy of this virtual classroom. Make sure to erase these tips and speaker notes in the virtual classroom that you share with students.

Explore Teachers Using Tech's site for more creative ideas and helpful resources. If you enjoy this virtual classroom, please click the ❤ below or leave a comment. Your support and encouragement are appreciated! Wishing you a safe, successful, and FUN school year using tech! Click here to make a copy of this virtual classroom to use and enjoy!


Sep 17, 2020

Thank You! I love it, now I have to learn to use it.


Vicky Barstein
Vicky Barstein
Aug 19, 2020

Love love 💕

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