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🚍Virtual Field Trips - How It's Made!🍿🍩✏

Learn how some fun things are made 🍿🍩✏ (popcorn, doughnuts, pencils, and erasers) in these educational and informative virtual trips! (Set 2)

Students loved learning about how ice cream, crayons, coins, and bubble gum were made, so I have added more! You can make a copy of the first set here.

In this second set of 'How It's Made' virtual trips, I have included popcorn, doughnuts, pencils, and erasers. Students (and teachers) will enjoy more behind the scenes tours to learn all about the making of these items with engaging, kid-friendly videos.

I have arranged these fun tours in an interactive 'How Is It Made?' Bitmoji virtual classroom. Click one of the items in the room to go to another slide and take trips to learn all about it. When you are finished, click on the blue house to return to the main classroom.

After you make a copy, you can switch out my Bitmoji for your own. I would suggest making a copy of my first set of 'How It's Made' virtual trips and combining all 8 tours in one virtual classroom! Hopefully your students enjoy these virtual trips too!

It's always good to hear from you, please let me know if your students like these trips!


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