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Virtual Field Trips to the Zoo🐯

Students will enjoy visiting a variety of zoos virtually and watching animals on webcams! Check out this new virtual field trip shared in Google Slides.

Do your students enjoy virtual field trips? If so, they might enjoy visiting a variety of zoos and learning about different animals. Since today, April 8th, is National Zoo Lovers Day, it seemed like the perfect time for me to share my newest virtual field trips! Consider surprising your students, virtual or in-person, with this fun experience soon!

This slide deck includes links to seven different zoos and even more webcams to watch and learn about all sorts of animals. It is designed for the teacher to take their students on different experiences and can definitely be used over multiple class periods.

The interactive map page links to other slides which contain the links to the zoos and webcams. It is encouraged that teachers preview the links to determine which ones best suit the needs and interests of their students. On zoo slides, click on the links to visit the zoo and the webcams, or click on the animal image to return to the map/menu and visit another zoo. This file is best used in Present mode, with the teacher guiding the trip and sharing their screen.

I hope that this virtual field trip adds a FUN learning experience to your classroom! If so, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share this post with your teacher friends.

Make a copy of 🐯Zoo Virtual Field Trips and Webcams here to use and enjoy:


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