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Virtual Timers⏲

A variety of more than 90+ ⌚ countdown timers help keep your class on track! Make a copy of this slide deck to use in the classroom or for virtual learning.

Update - I have added new slides to include multiple synchronous and asynchronous timers on one slide - great for activities when multiple groups are racing the clock and can click to stop when finished to show how much time is left, when different students are starting a task at a different time, or you have multiple different things to keep track of at once. If you already made a copy, you will need to make another copy below to receive the additional timers in the update.

In order to keep track of the time throughout the day, I created a slide deck of all sorts of fun countdown timers ⏲. Students enjoy them and like to remind me to set them. For custom timers, when I need to set a specific amount of time, has numerous options.

For more regular breaks and tasks, I use video countdown timers from YouTube and have embedded them to autoplay on the slide when in 'Present' mode. By inserting them on the slides using Insert > Video > and pasting the YouTube link, options such as autoplay when presenting can be selected. These options are under the Format > Video Playback menu. Embedding the virtual timer videos to autoplay on the slide also prevents ads or other video options in YouTube from being available.

I hope that you enjoy using these fun timers with your students! If you make a copy to use, please consider clicking the ❤ or leaving a comment below! 💻To make a copy of this set of 90+ ⌚Virtual Countdown Timers, click here


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