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Would You Rather... This or That? Get-to-Know-You Activity

Looking for a fun way to start building connections as we begin a new school year? Here's a FUN activity that works whether you are teaching remote or in-person!

This year looks like the start of no other, and many teachers are searching for creative ways to get to know their new students as well as help classmates to get to know each other. This activity is simple and engaging, works for all ages, as well as suited for virtual or in-person teaching! In Would You Rather... This or That?, students are given two choices and can display their answer by holding up one finger for choice 1 or two fingers to select choice 2.

The options are displayed in a visually appealing manner, students will enjoy playing this get-to-know-you game! Don't be surprised when they request that you create more questions so that they can play again! If you like this activity, please click the ❤ below or leave a comment. Be sure to explore Teachers Using Tech's site for more ideas and resources. Wishing you a safe and successful school year. Click here to make a copy

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Alexia Martínez
Alexia Martínez
Aug 10, 2020

You are amazing. Thanks for sharing!!

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