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Class Birthdays 🎂 Bulletin Board

This interactive virtual bulletin board 🎁 set is the perfect way to organize your class birthdays and celebrate students on their special day!

Here's a fun way to organize and add class birthdays to a virtual classroom using a birthday bulletin board! When I started teaching, we used to use a wipe-off laminated birthday poster and dry erase marker, times have changed!

When you make a copy, you can add the dates and names of your class to each month. Whether teaching in-person or virtual, students will enjoy being celebrated on their special day. From the main bulletin board, I have added links to additional items. The music notes take you to a birthday song/video embedded on another slide, then click on the cake icon in the corner to return to the calendar. Other linked items on the calendar include the cakes and presents, each taking you to another fun slide!

In addition to this virtual birthday calendar bulletin board, students would also enjoy receiving this customized virtual room to celebrate their birthday! It can easily be

personalized and shared by email, in Google Classroom, in class, or in a virtual meeting.

I have enjoyed incorporating virtual bulletin boards into my virtual rooms. I add a small picture of the bulletin board in the room and then link it to the full size version on another slide. I also use them as announcement/reminder slides in Google Classroom. Would you like to use virtual bulletin boards and whiteboards? Then check out this large set of Bitmoji Bulletin Boards that I shared.

I hope that you enjoy using this virtual birthday bulletin board set with your students! If you make a copy to use, please consider clicking the ❤ or leaving a comment below!

💻Make a copy of this 🎂 Happy Birthday Class Bulletin Board set to use here:

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Mary Kay McCall
Mary Kay McCall
Sep 21, 2020

Thank you for these great slides!

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