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❄⛄Create Your Own Snow Globe!❄

UPDATED 12/2021 All ages will enjoy creating their very own snow globe, ❄⛄❄ including magical snow! An optional writing activity is included. This project is SNOW much fun!

Snow globes are delightful to shake and watch the falling snow! I find snow globes to be nostalgic and relaxing. This inspired me to design a project so that students can create and enjoy their own virtual versions! ❄⛄❄

This fun project will have students practice technology skills such as copying and pasting images, resizing, as well as reordering objects to bring items forward or send them to the back. ❄The moving snow adds a magical touch to this project!❄ I have included slides offering a creative writing opportunity for students to write about adventures in the winter wonderland that they have created. The write your own story instructions slide can be modified to meet the needs and level of your learners.

I hope that this project adds some magic and delight to your winter lessons! You might also enjoy my SNOW Much Fun Game Room, make a copy of it here. If you are looking to update your Google Classroom banners for the season, be sure to make a copy of my Fall & Winter themed GC banners here. Check out even more Winter Activities here.

Make your own copy of ❄⛄ Create Your Own Snow Globe ⛄❄ to enjoy here:

*NOTE: If the link says you need to request access, it is your school network blocking the share. All items are set correctly to force a copy when clicked on. Many districts block things (including file shares) that are coming from outside of their domain. Please try making the copy from a personal email or Gmail account. Then, you can share the file with your school account. If you request access, I won't be able to grant it or respond to your email request, since the issue is blocked on your end.


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