• Gail Feix

❄⛄SNOW Much Fun Game Room

This cozy room is full of whimsical winter themed activities! Students of all ages will have SNOW much fun playing these games, listening to stories, and learning about snowflakes!

It's never too early to start dreaming of a Snow Day! Students and teachers alike enjoy the unexpected joy they bring. While we wait, here is a fun virtual room that I created full of a dozen ❄⛄snow themed activities to enjoy. The cozy fireplace flickers as the snow is gently falling outside the window - it is peaceful just to take in this room.

The 'SNOW Much Fun' Game Room includes links to whimsical games to build a virtual snowman, create a virtual paper snowflake, matching games, and more! This game room also includes several read-aloud stories and interesting educational videos about snowflakes. These winter themed activities will bring out the inner child in all of us!

When you make a copy of this room that I created, you can add your own Bitmoji and have the option to move or change the games and activities. This room is best shared with students by using the File > Publish to Web option and sharing that link with students.

You might also enjoy my New Turkey Time Game Room, make a copy to enjoy at www.teachersusingtech.com Also, if you are looking to update your Google Classroom banners for the season, be sure to make a copy of the Fall & Winter themed GC banners that I have shared here.

I hope that you and your students have ❄SNOW much fun❄ using this winter themed game room! Click here to make your own copy of ❄⛄SNOW Much Fun Games!