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Google Classroom Banners (Set 2) - 🍎Getting Ready for Back-to-School

Enjoy more than 35+ free, ready-to-use Google Classroom banners or make your own using the included template!

My original set of custom Google Classroom banners was so popular, that I have created more than 35+ more for you to choose from! This set includes designs for special area classes, different subjects, and banners perfect for PreK - High School. There is truly something for everyone! I have also included the search term for the Bitmoji used, replace with your own or remove completely. You can also edit the font, font color, and text for your own class name.

A common question is how do you remove the dark overlay that appears once you save the picture, and the answer is that you cannot. It is an accessibility feature that is automatically applied by Google Classroom. For this reason, I choose to use bold shapes and vivid colors that display well, even with the darkening that occurs. I plan to change the banners throughout the year, as my students enjoy it.

If you make a copy to use, please consider clicking the or leaving a comment below! Click here if you want to check out the original set 1 of my Google Classroom banners.

💻To make a copy of this set of 36 Google Classroom banners to use, click here

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