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#TeachersUsingTech Turns 1!🎂💻

It's our first anniversary! 🎉🎂✨ launched one year ago today, help us celebrate and grow!

Wow, what a year! THANK YOU amazing educators!!! When I began on this journey/website in 2020, I had no idea where it would lead, but the goal has always been to help others and have fun - I think that we are accomplishing that! Thank you to all who have joined forces in this journey to support each other and bring joy to our students. The encouragement and support have been invaluable, please INVITE your educator friends to JOIN us as we continue to GROW!!!

In celebration of our 1st birthday, here is a fun, new Happy Birthday Room that you can

share with your students! I share this virtual birthday room with students through Google Classroom to enjoy on their birthday! There are options for personalization (see speaker notes at the bottom of the slides and remove them before sharing with students). This special birthday room is being shared with everyone here, but is also part of an 18-room virtual home that is a ☕ Monthly Member 'Extra' for those who are looking for even more resources.

I have shared several other birthday resources that you might also enjoy and can make copies of - Class Birthday Bulletin Board and the original Birthday Room. I love having options to help students celebrate their special day!

Thanks again for joining us on our journey to have fun integrating technology!

*NOTE: If the link says you need to request access, it is your school network blocking the share. All items are set correctly to force a copy when clicked on. Many districts block things (including file shares) that are coming from outside of their domain. Please try making the copy from a personal email or Gmail account. Then, you can share the file with your school account. If you request access, I won't be able to grant it or respond to your email request, since the issue is blocked on your end.


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