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💖Valentine's Day💕 Choice Board

Ready for some seasonal fun? Check out this choice board full of Valentine games and activities your students will LOVE!💕

My students love choice boards, and I'm sure that your students will, too! This one that I created offers seasonal choices perfect for Valentine's Day and Fun Fridays, center work, or independent choice time in February!

When I share my resources, I offer tips for ways to use and share with students. These tips are on the sides of the slides, so after you read them, please remove before sharing or assigning to students. Choice Boards offer options for being assigned to students. I have included two copies - one that is to be used in Edit mode with checkmarks to drag-and-drop to show completion and another that is to be used in Published mode (File > Publish to Web) where the published link is shared directly with students (no checkmarks). These options can be assigned through an LMS such as Google Classroom. Choose which works better for you, then make another copy of only that slide to share with students.

I hope that you and your students enjoy this 💖Valentine's Day Choice Board!💕 You may also want to check out my 🐒Curious George Choice Board here, 🔠💻FUNdamentals Choice Board here, 💻Keyboarding Basics Choice Board here, and 🖱🐭Mouse Skills Choice Board here to make a copy of them, too. I have many other seasonal Choice Boards as well here on my site that you may want to make copies of, as well as more in the works - so check back often!

Make your own copy of 💖Valentine's Day Choice Board💕to use and enjoy:


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