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Virtual 🚍Field Trips for Fall

Enjoy taking these engaging virtual field trips with your students!🎃🍎🐶🦺

While we may not be able to take field trips in the traditional sense, we still can have fun visiting places virtually! I have created four sets of trip slides, each with a different theme: 🎃pumpkins, 🍎apples, 🦺safety, and 🐶animals. Each of the sets include four different virtual trips that are informative and fun! The videos will auto-play in the slide when in Present mode and there is an icon to return to the main menu slide when finished. There are read-aloud stories included on the additional resources slide in case you want to incorporate a virtual story time related to the theme. These virtual field trips tie into fall themes and work well to introduce topics or reinforce learning.

I hope that you and your students enjoy these virtual 🚍field trips! If you make copies to use, please consider clicking the ❤ or leaving a comment below! 💻To make a copy of these 4 sets of virtual field trips, there are 4 different copy links below:

🎃Share Copy Pumpkin Themed Virtual Field Trips

🍎Share Copy Apple Themed Virtual Field Trips

🦺 Share Copy Safety Themed Virtual Field Trips

🐶Share Copy Animal Themed Virtual Field Trips


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