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Welcome Your Students to School with these Customizable Slides

Create bag tags, attach to folders, display for virtual or in-person learning, use in newsletters, and more with these editable templates!

As we welcome our students to class, here is a versatile template that I created and you can customize and use. I have left the text and images editable, allowing you to add your own Bitmoji and greeting. To save you time, I have prepared slides for PreK - Grade 5, only needing to change out the Bitmoji or substitute a clip art image if that is your preference. There is a general Welcome to School greeting, as well as a blank Welcome to... slide so that you can add your school name or text of choice.

These slides can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Bag tags on welcome bags

  • Attach to student folders

  • Mini welcome signs on desks

  • Display on virtual meeting screen before class begins

  • Display on interactive board or screen in classroom as students enter

  • Save slide as a PNG and insert the image into class newsletter

Have you wondered how to print slides out in mini versions? Instructions for how to print slides in mini form are included with this template. If you want to use one of these slides as an image in a newsletter, click on the thumbnail of the slide on the left slide of the screen, then click on File > Download as PNG to save the slide as a picture. Next, go to your newsletter doc and insert the image that you just saved. However you choose to use these slides, students will enjoy these bright welcome messages from their teacher!

Explore Teachers Using Tech's site for more creative ideas, helpful resources, and back-to-school ideas. If you enjoy this Welcome to Class slide templates, please click the ❤ below or leave a comment. Your support and encouragement are appreciated! Wishing you a safe, successful, and FUN school year using tech! Make a copy of these slides to use and enjoy here:


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