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Would You Rather? ❓❔❄⛄Winter Edition⛄❄

This quick game is great for student engagement and works well for both in-person and virtual instruction!

Looking for quick and easy ways to get students to want to attend your class meetings and show up on time? Consider beginning your class with a game! This activity is simple and engaging, works for all ages, as well as suited for virtual or in-person teaching! In Would You Rather? Winter Edition, students are given two winter themed choices and can display their answer by holding up one finger for choice #1 or two fingers to select choice #2. It only takes a couple of minutes to play Would You Rather? and encourages student participation.

When you make a copy of these slides, you can change out the Bitmoji for your own. I have even included the Bitmoji search terms in the speaker notes to make it easier to find the pose. If your students enjoy this game, then you might want to make a copy of another version of Would You Rather? that I shared here. I have also shared many other fun ❄⛄❄winter themed activities at that you can make copies of to use with your students, be sure to check them out!

I hope that this activity adds some fun to your classroom! Make your own copy of


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