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Zoomed-In Picture 📷 Guessing Game - Animal Edition

This fun guessing game can be used in-person or virtual, and the idea can be adapted for any topic!

It is always fun to begin with a game! Whether that be a new topic, new project, or new day, games make learning fun. Zoomed-In pictures can be used for any topic and provide opportunities for prediction and discussion. If used at the beginning of a new unit, it would be fun to have students not only guess the picture, but also predict the new topic based on the various pictures that the teacher chooses to include. This particular slide deck includes a variety of zoomed-in animals, and I will be using it to introduce an animal classification project.

I hope that this animal themed guessing game adds some fun to your lesson and inspires you to create more to go with other topics! Depending on the age of your students, it might be fun to have them create some of their own!

Check out other activities that I have shared here. Explore the Home tab and Free Resources tab for a wide variety of resources to add fun to your teaching.

Make your own copy of 📷 Guess the Zoomed-In Animal to use and enjoy here:


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