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An Organized Virtual Classroom to Help Start the Year!

This virtual classroom contains 8 bins which can be linked, as well as a bulletin board and whiteboard that can can be used for messages and link to full-size versions for you to use!

This virtual classroom makes organizing your assignments, links, and resources simple and FUN! There are 8 bins that can be linked to resources, websites, subjects, or class periods. Another option would be to use one for each day of the week, with a few left over for choices such as enrichment, brain breaks, virtual manipulatives, a virtual arcade, recess ideas, or other resources that are used in your class. Check out ideas that I have shared here as well as in other blog posts. Create a color-coded routine so that your students know just where to go to find their materials.

NOTE: I have updated the classroom file to include this doorway with a preview into the room. Below, I have shown how I will use it. I have included the pennant banner and hallway boards on the slide, but leaving it so that you can delete them and change it out if you wish. If you already made a copy of the file, you will need to make another copy to get the updates that include this extra slide.

The whiteboard in this virtual classroom is a nice spot to add your daily message. Students can click on it to go to a full-size version of the whiteboard on another slide. This slide will offer a place for you to type more detailed instructions. Consider having the text color match the color of the corresponding bin in the main classroom to help students easily find what they need. I plan to add text boxes and label each of the bins to assist students.

The bulletin board in this virtual classroom also links to a full-size version on another slide. In the main room, I plan to list important reminders. The options for the linked full-size bulletin board are endless! This board can be edited and customized to include uses such as a WOW wall, birthday board, classroom helpers, or thematic displays to support the curriculum. If you want to have more than one bulletin board, simply duplicate the slide and add as many as you need. I have also shared a large selection of ready-to-use bulletin boards here, if you want to add a different bulletin board to this virtual classroom.

If you appreciate these resources, please click the ❤ below or leave a comment. Your support and encouragement are appreciated! Be sure to explore Teachers Using Tech's site for more creative ideas and helpful resources. Wishing you a safe, successful, and FUN school year using tech! Click here to make a copy of this virtual classroom.


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