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Countdown Calendar🎁📅🎄

Enjoy this countdown calendar with animated surprises behind each virtual door!

These calendars were always a favorite December tradition when I was a child. Some had a picture behind the numbered door, while other versions contained a candy inside. Here is a virtual version, each door contains an animated image as well as a gingerbread house in the corner to bring you back to the main calendar page.

The images selected for this version tried to represent a more general seasonal theme, however you can change them out if you wish. A preview of some of what is behind the doors is shown above. If you decide to change some slides, just change the image on the existing slide rather than adding new slides and deleting existing ones, as I already have these slides linked to their corresponding numbers.

A fun idea would be to include a small surprise with some of the days that relate to the hidden image, such as a peppermint candy, snowman pencil, hot chocolate, or a candy cane. While not necessary, it would add to the fun!

This file is best used by using File > Publish to Web and using this published link. This allows all of the countdown calendar links to work while not letting students see the thumbnail images on the left side of the screen that are visible in Edit and View Only modes. The link can be used and displayed in the classroom or used in virtual meetings.

I hope that you and your students enjoy opening a new door each day as you countdown to winter break. I have also shared several other items that you might enjoy such as a Snow Much Fun Game Room and Create Your Own Snow Globe project that you can make copies of to use.


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