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Google Classroom Banners 🎉💕🍀(Set 4) January - March seasonal themes

25 New ready-to-use 🎉January, 💕February, & 🍀March seasonal themed Google Classroom banners to enjoy or make your own using the included template!

Google Classroom banners continue to be extremely popular, so here are 25 fun choices to begin the New Year! This set includes seasonal choices for January, February, and March! It is fun creating these, and students love when the Google Classroom banner is updated. I teach multiple grade levels and have many Google Classrooms, so I like having choices for each. Bonus - it is very quick to change out the banner! I have even included the Bitmoji search terms to help you quickly find the same pose and switch out with your own Bitmoji.

As a reminder, there will be a gray overlay that is added by Google. It is added as an accessibility feature for readability of the text on the banner. While you can find videos showing how to remove it, this is a temporary change and it will reset once you logout and log back in.

This is my fourth large set of Google Classroom banners, you can also make copies of set 1 here, set 2 here, and set 3 here (NOTE: Set 3 includes snow and winter themes).

💻To make a copy of this set of 25 🎉💕🍀January-March seasonal themed Google Classroom banners to use, click here I hope that you enjoy them!


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