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❄Winter Edition❄ of the Virtual Calming Room

NEW FEATURES including: 🦌Deer eating and moving in the windows, working fireplace, optional music in the main room, plus six new soothing videos! Add this FREE interactive, relaxing retreat to your virtual classrooms for when students (or you) need a break!

Snow is expected here this week, with the possibility of significant accumulations, so it is time to share my newest version of the virtual calming room -❄⛄ Winter edition ⛄❄!

I hope that you enjoy my newest calming room, including stunning winter videos and soothing sounds. The main room has winter décor along with optional music. In this version, I decided to make the music in the main room optional as there are times that I want to display the soothing scene on my screen without music. When you want the instrumental music to play in the main room, click on the small audio icon in the bottom right corner. You can make a copy to use for yourself, as a link in your virtual classroom, or as a resource in Google Classroom.

There are so many new features that I’m really excited about and can’t wait for you to experience. Features in the ❄⛄Winter edition of the Calming Room include: a sensory-friendly room with six new relaxing videos with soothing nature sounds, moving/eating deer in the snowy windows, optional music in main room, working fireplace, and more! The videos are embedded so that they auto-play when an item is clicked in the interactive calming room and there is a home button to bring you back to the main scene.

This is the fourth in a series of virtual calming rooms. In this Winter version, I have again included my miniature dachshund, Emmy. She is my faithful companion as I work on my blog. The original calming room has been enjoyed by nearly 40,000 viewers. You might also enjoy the Patriotic version and Fall version of the calming room.

A Christmas version is COMING SOON! Check back later this week to make a copy of it.

If you would like this cozy ❄⛄Winter room to be a place that your students can visit, you can make a copy to assign or share. If you have a virtual classroom, you can link an object or sign in your own virtual room telling them to 'click here' to visit the calming room & it will take them there. Another option is to assign the link or instruction slide as 'Material' in Google Classroom or Learning Management System and students will have it available whenever they need it.

New themes of the virtual calming room are under construction and will continue to be added, offering different options throughout the seasons. I hope that you and your students find my calming rooms relaxing. If you like this calming, virtual space & want to get the Newest Themes of the Virtual Calming Rooms that I am currently creating, subscribe to my blog. If you make a copy to use, please consider clicking the ❤ or leaving a comment below. Please follow on Instagram, and join Teachers Using Tech Facebook Group. ENJOY!

Thank you for allowing me to share my creations with you! I hope that it is helpful and that you and your students enjoy the resources that I create and share. For even more seasonal fun, be sure to check out and make copies of the ❄ Snow Much Fun Game Room, ⛄ Create Your Own Snow Globe Project, and 📅 Countdown Calendar. I have many other seasonal items to share, coming soon! Many of you have supported my efforts this year by saying thanks and buying me a coffee. Thank you so much! If you already have supported or choose to support and fuel my efforts with coffee, please login to the coffee page and go to the Posts tab at the top - I created a special holiday bundle as a surprise for supporters and have shared it there as a thank you, so be sure to make a copy! It includes exclusive holiday game rooms and holiday themed How It Is Made videos in a Countdown Calendar.

💻❄⛄❄Make a copy of the Winter Edition of the Virtual Calming Room to use here:


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